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特性描述Feature description
主要特点Major characteristics
1.工作原理 Operating principle
冷凝间接加热热水机组与普通锅炉不同,是利用燃料产生的热能,加热锅壳内的热媒水,再由热媒水间接加热内置换热器内的水,使其达到一定温度后,专为中央空调、地板辐射、洗浴热水等系统使用,它综合了常压锅炉和承压锅炉的优点,有效解决了高层建筑采暖及供热水难的问题。Condensation indirect heating hot water unit is different from common boilers. It heats hot medium water in the shell and hot medium water heats built-in heat exchanger indirectly, to make it reach to certain temperature, specially used for systems of central air-conditioning, floor radiation, bathing hot water. It synthesizes advantages of atmospheric pressure boiler band pressure-bearing boiler, effectively solving the problem of difficult heating and hot water supply of high-rise building.
2.结构特点 Structure characteristics
冷凝间接加热热水机组由三部分组成:炉体、换热器、冷凝器。换热器根据不同需求可以设置成单、双。炉体上部设有膨胀水箱,烟道安装冷凝器,提高了机组热效率。换热器严格按照国标GB151-1999管壳式换热器制造。间接式加热:本体无压,系统承压,标准配置出水口压力1.0Mpa。Condensation indirect heating hot water unit is composed of three parts: furnace body, heat exchanger and condenser. According to different requirements, heat exchanger can be set to be single one and double ones. There is expansion water tank on the upper part of furnace body and install condenser in the gas flue, improving unit heat efficiency. Heat exchanger strictly is manufactured in accordance with national standard GB151-1999 shell and tube heat exchanger. Indirect heating: body is non-pressure, system is pressure-bearing and standard configured water outlet pressure is 1.0Mpa.
3.全自动微电脑控制,安全可靠 Full-automatic microcomputer control, safe and reliable
机组配有微电脑控制系统,实现燃烧、水位、温度自动控制,确保机组安全可靠运行。Equip with microcomputer control system for the unit, to realize automatic control of combustion, water level and temperature and ensure safe and reliable running of unit.
4.使用寿命长Long service life
机组内热媒水,在90℃以下低温运行,并完全排除了溶解氧的腐蚀,换热器中不结垢,延长了机组使用的寿命,换热效果极佳,是普通锅炉寿命1.5~2倍。Hot medium water in the unit runs under 90℃ low temperature and avoids corrosion of dissolved oxygen. No scale in the heat exchanger prolongs service life of unit. Heat exchange effect is especially good and its service life is 1.5~2 times of ordinary boiler.
5.结构紧凑,安装简便,节省费用 Compacted structure, simple installation and cost saving
锅炉与换热器的一体化设计,结构紧凑,产品易于运输、安装。多台机组可并联使用,免去了换热站的设计与施工,节省费用。Integration design of boiler and heat exchanger, its structure is compacted, product is easy to transport and install. Multi-unit can be used in parallel, avoiding design and construction of heat exchange station and saving cost.


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